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Cautions for Maintenance and Maintenance of Electric Spark Puncher

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Usually we use a lot of metals, there may be a variety of small holes, such as keys, there are small holes to carry easily, of course, other metals also have the need for small holes. But metal is different from paper. It's not so easy to have small holes. If there are holes in metal, it needs the help of a perforator, which can punch small holes easily. However, the perforator may need to be repaired for a period of time. Here we introduce the maintenance of the EDP perforator. 
3. The mechanical part of the perforator (mainly the moving part) needs to be lubricated or guideway oil as required. In recent years, the small hole machine has developed rapidly and widely used in precision die processing. It is generally used as the matching equipment of WEDM machine tools. It is used for wire piercing, chemical fiber spinneret, group holes of sieve plate, engine blade, heat dissipation holes of cylinder block, air passage holes, etc. in WEDM. It is suitable for cutting initial holes, nozzle holes and filters of various metals and superhard conductive materials. Machining of micro and ultra-deep holes such as holes, stomata and group holes.
The maintenance of the electric spark piercing machine will be introduced here, reminding you that the long-term use of the piercing machine will inevitably lead to some problems, as long as the repair is sure to help restore, it is suggested that when the piercing machine is repaired, professional people can be found to repair the piercing machine as soon as possible. Usually when using the perforator, we should pay attention to it and pay attention to maintenance as much as possible, so as to make the service life of the perforator longer.

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