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Notes for CNC EDM Puncher in Machine Tool Installation Site

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Everyone wants to know what should be paid attention to when CNC EDP is installed in the machine tool place. Now let's share with you:
_The environmental temperature of the machine tool installation place should be between 10 ~30 C.
(2) In places with stamping equipment and planer, the vibration and impact are not suitable for the installation of machine tools. However, if there is no better place than this, the installation of machine tools in this place should take seismic measures.
(3) Because the operation panel is easy to corrode, the place to be placed should be avoided as far as possible near the heat treatment workshop, electroplating workshop and similar places.
(5) Dust-laden places are not suitable for machine tool maintenance.
(5) Inspect the installation site according to the general layout, and consider whether there is enough space to install the machine tool. At the same time, a certain width space should be ensured between the machine tool and the machine tool, so that it is easy to operate and maintain the machine tool.
(5) Check the width and height of the front of the unloading place, and take a good view of the handling route of the machine tool in advance, so as to prevent damage to the machine tool in the process of installation.
Setting up of CNC EDM Piercing Machine Tool
(1) Arrange machine tools according to the layout of machine tools. Considering the maintenance and maintenance of machine tools, 80 cm wide space should be ensured around the machine tools and between them.
(2) Put four sole screw into the hole at the bottom of the upper machine tool bed (front and back two), and pad the round pad iron under the screw separately (inside the bed).
(3) After placement, the angle iron of the fixed worktable is removed and each housing is installed.
(5) Place the worktable in the center of the machine tool and clean the surface of the worktable.
(5) Place two bench level gauges vertically and horizontally on the worktable to adjust the anchor bolts so that the machine tool reaches the horizontal position, and the tolerance of the level should be within 0.04 m m/m.
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