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Teach you how to maintain the electric spark piercing machine

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2019-1-16 10:07:54 Hits:1456
After each use, the water and workpiece residue on the working table of the piercing machine should be cleaned up. The dust inside the electrical box should also be cleaned regularly, which is beneficial to the heat dissipation effect of the electrical components. If the dust on the printed circuit board is not clear, it will be easy to absorb the moisture and corrosive substances in the air for a long time, and corrode the tiny conductive copper sheet. Cause machine tool failure.
The curved bearing in the pump is under great pressure. If the lubricant is not replaced immediately after a period of work, it will cause serious consequences. Because the pump is a very important part in the EDP, if there is a problem with this part, it will affect the use of the whole machine tool.